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"After the death of her husband, William H. Pollock, Sr., Mary Anne “Mae” Pollock moved from the family homestead and cattle ranch in Pollock Canyon and opened the Park Hotel in downtown Fruita right on Park Square. This would have been around 1898 or 1899. She ran the hotel and its popular dining room until her death in 1915, after which one of her daughters-in-law, the coincidently-named May, took over running it, until she retired about 1939. Adding to the coincidences, May was married to Mae’s son William H. Pollock, Jr. The building still stands and is the location of Colorado Backcounty Biker (CBB) today. The hotel itself remained in operation until a few years ago. In this photo, taken right around or just before 1900, the shorter woman on the left would appear to be Mae, and the taller woman on the right might have been her daughter Margaret Dalley." -- Denise and Steve Height authors of Legendary Locals of Fruita

Colorado Backcountry Biker is doing a major remodel to their shop located in the historic Park Hotel. The Park Hotel has been a Fruita landmark since 1898 and is on the National Historic Register. It is the longest running consistent business in Fruita, in that it has always been a housing establishment of some sort and in the 2000’s also became home to a bike shop on the first floor.

The entire restoration/remodel will take place in two phases. Phase one will complete the downstairs and phase two the hotel rooms upstairs. Keep an eye on 150 South Park Sq. over the following weeks . CBB will be reopening for business January 16th, 2017.

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